A tale of 2 logos

August 14th, 2012 Written by:

<p class="alignleft size-full wp-image-5049″ title=”Image1″>I was in Moscow for a few days last week, and with Olympic fervour reaching unprecedented heights back here at home, I managed to spend 2 or three hours one night in a bar near my hotel, catching up on some of the action. The teaser campaign for the forthcoming Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics marked the beginning and end of each advertising break in the coverage and I couldn't help but compare the Sochi logo and the London 2012 logo. Read more…

Olympic generation

August 9th, 2012 Written by:

<a href="http://www.scglondon.com/news/blog/2012/08/olympic-generation/scglondon_olympics_logo-2/” rel=”attachment wp-att-5025″>

It is safe to say that since it was revealed to the world back in 2007, no other Olympic logo in history has received such critical and controversial reviews. Public opinion, and even that within the design community were strongly negative – how does this abstracted, angular block of graffiti numbers represent the passion and energy of the Olympic spirit? 

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Summer Colour… or Color

May 14th, 2012 Written by:

On a recent study trip to New York, I managed to spend some time researching some latest examples of retail trends. I've attached a small extract of some of the more colourful examples from the fashion stores I visited. It struck me that bold, primary colours were being used really effectively – even if it was to signal that the products on sale were white! From the punchy facades of American Apparel to the more restrained but equally impactful shopwindow displays of Diane von Furstenberg, store facades and interiors were vibrant and shouted to passers by. Enjoy the sunshine!

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Moscow reflections

April 26th, 2012 Written by:

Last week I returned from a trip to Moscow where I had been taking photographs of some recently-completed projects. The intention was to capture and catalogue everything we designed, from graphics and environmental treatments to lighting, fixtures, furniture, even staff uniforms (when they weren't shying away from the camera!) There were several projects from the last year that I had to cover, all in very different sectors, including shopping malls, banks, fashion stores, cafes and a delicatessen. 

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New Departures

April 19th, 2012 Written by:

On a recent trip to the north of England, my train journey departed from the recently re-opened London's King's Cross Station restoration development, designed by John McAslan. The original station opened in 1852 and was built as the hub of the Great Northern Railway. With various changes of ownership and a notable one-storey extension built in 1972 by British Rail, the station has become a well known landmark with Grade-1 listed architectural status.

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Olympic Countdown

April 2nd, 2012 Written by:

With 116 and 149 days to go until the London Olympic and Paralympic Games respectively, Brands are ramping up their activities to headline grab in advance of London's long awaited opportunity for centre stage. Key sponsors adidas are one of the most visible brands and with their Team GB kit by Stella McCartney recently being launched amid controversy, due to a debatably non patriotic design. To help convert the hype into sales at their flagship store in Oxford Street, supersize versions of Andy Murray, Jessica Ennis and Phillips Idowu (among others) have been applied to the shop and building facade facing Selfridges to stunning effect. 

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Benetton's Award-winning Windows

April 2nd, 2012 Written by:

Benetton have never been afraid to challenge traditional approaches to marketing themselves. The Live Windows project developed by their communication research centre Fabrica is a case in point and it seems that this innovative approach to retail window display has paid off, with them winning the top retail award at the digital creativity exposition 2012 Digital Signage Expo, held in Las Vegas in March this year.

Traditionally, shop windows have been used to showcase products available to buy within the store. The Live Windows project rejects that premise and instead, treats the store windows as part of a continuing commitment to developing relationships with their customers though entertainment and interaction. Read more…

Cold War Cathode…Polish neon signage

March 13th, 2012 Written by:

One of the places I have always fancied visiting is the Las Vegas Neon Museum - www.neonmuseum.org/ – a repository dedicated to preserving the incredible legacy of historic neon signage from the city's legendary casinos and theatres. One of these days I'll get out there in person, but in the meantime I often catch glimpses of it as a backdrop to fashion shoots and music videos. But I had really no idea of the heritage and prevalence of neon signage in communist-era Poland. British-based photographer Ilona Karwinska is out to change that with her book Polish Cold War Neon and her involvement in the founding of Poland's Neon Museum (neonmuzeum.org). Read more…

Innovative interactive installations

March 12th, 2012 Written by:

This week, I had a most enjoyable evening attending a talk by Jason Bruges. He creates interactive spaces and surfaces that sit between the worlds of architecture, interaction design and site-specific installation art. His projects range from large-scale building facades and public art to interactive interior environments and products. 
Jason is a pioneer of the in-between space which mixes architecture and interactivity and has subsequently paved the way for a new genre of design studios, artists, designer makers who occupy the hybrid architecture, art and design space. Recently, he has been recognized as one of ten world changing designers and is famous for using technologies and materials in a highly innovative way to explore the communication with the environment and people. 
I particulary like the playfulness of his work and the passion and enthusiasm of Jason himself is quite invigorating! Here are a few of my favourites:

Mimosa. Milan 2010

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Beauty in the favela

March 9th, 2012 Written by:

Here at SCG London we have long been aware of the impact of location-dependent trompe l’oeil graphic treatments which have been used in environmental branding and large-scale commercial projects for many years, from wayfinding signage in multi-story car parks to supersized architectural installations viewable only from the air. Spanish art collective Boamistura recently completed this “installation” in the narrow, winding streets of Vila Brâsilandia, one of São Paulo's favela. The project, implemented with the help and participation of the local residents aimed to involve them in the transformation of their environment through vibrant colour schemes and inspiring messaging: “LOVE” “PRIDE” “BEAUTY” “SWEETNESS”

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